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CubeOne & Camera video recording - Three options.

There's three different scenarios that your camera can/will record with your CubeOne. 

Option A : "I want my camera's motion sensor turned on immediately after arming my system".

Please keep in mind that the camera's motion sensor is different than your regular PIR motion sensor that detects off heat. The cameras motion sensor is triggered when there's a sudden change in lighting within the cameras picture frame. You can adjust the cameras motion sensitivity levels in the cameras settings to avoid any false motion triggers. If you have the camera near a window, be aware that you might get a few alerts throughout the day. In this scenario, the cameras motion sensor will be on , and read to record video, even if none of the other iSmartAlarm sensors have been triggered. 

Setup instructions:

1. Log into the app

2. Tap on Edit


3. Select the ARM mode.


4. Select the camera, and ensure your camera's set to send push notification whenever there's motion.



Option B : "I want my camera to record only during an actual break in".

Setup instructions:

Once the CubeOne is triggered during a break in, your CubeOne will tell your camera to turn on it's motion detection. If the intruder walks within 25 ft of your camera,  it'll record a 10 second video clip, and save it in your stored videos section.  For many, this option is the most practical set up, because it eliminates the false motion alerts you would get if you were to choose option A.  If you choose this option, you'll have less video recordings, which isn't a bad thing.  In other words, unless the alarm goes off, and you receive a phone call, text,  and push notification saying your alarm has been triggered, then there's no reason why your camera should be recording any videos. 


1. Log into the app

2. Tap on Edit

3. . Select the ARM mode.


4. Select the camera, TURN OFF motion detection ( Motion will only turn when the Cube's siren is tripped)



Option C:  "I want my camera to trigger the alarm whenever it detects motion

In this scenario, the camera will act as a motion sensor, and trigger the alarm. Please keep in mind that your cameras were designed to monitor indoor activity, and due to it's motion sensitivity, this particular set up may increase the chances of a false alarm, which can be both frustrating, and inconvenient. 

Setup instructions:

1. Log into the app

2. Tap on edit

3. Select the Arm mode.


4. Select the camera, have the camera set to trigger the siren.


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