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How do I edit my modes?

One of the many great features our system has to offer is the ability to edit your modes. 

Arm -All sensors are cameras are activated in this mode. 

Home - Only contact sensors are activated in this mode, and it's best used for when you're home, and want to arm the system at night, or during the day for protection. You'll still be able to walk around your home without triggering any of the motion sensors.

Disarm - When Disarm is selected, the CubeOne will beep twice.  The system is immediately deactivated and no longer armed.

Panic - When you are in an emergency situation, double-tap the Remote Tag or the app’s Panic button in quick succession to activate the siren immediately. All members will immediately receive a notification indicating the member who set it off. 

Editing Your Modes:

1. Tap Edit at the upper right corner.

2. Tap the little settings wheel at the top right corner of the mode you want to edit (E.g. ARM) . 


3. Every sensor that's active will have a green check mark next to it.  You'll have the option to have the sensor trigger the alarm, or just send a push notification. When the alarm is triggered, the CubeOne's siren will go off, and you'll receive a call, text message, push notification, and email. If you just want to be notified without having the alarm go off, select the "send push notification" option. 

mceclip14.png mceclip11.pngmceclip13.png

 4. By default, you're given 3 minutes to leave your home before the system is armed, and 1 minute to disarm the system before the alarm goes off. If you don't want delays for your arming, and siren trigger delay, swipe left on the green toggle button next to the arming, or siren trigger delay option. 


Note: If you have iSmartAlarm cameras with your system, and you're curious to how they record, and what options you have for your ARM and HOME mode, please visit the link below, and read our article related to this topic. 

Video recording options for Arm and Home mode.


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