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How do I connect to IFTTT?


What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (abbreviation for "If This, Then That") is a free service that allows you to connect services together via "channels". 

iSmartAlarm has partnered with IFTTT to allow you to connect your iSmartAlarm with over 300 available channels within IFTTT. 

Applets allow you to connect channels together.

"If my iSmartAlarm alarm triggers, then turn on my Phillips Hue light bulbs" is an Applet that connects the iSmartAlarm channel to the Phillips Hue service.


How do I connect iSmartAlarm to IFTTT?

The entire setup is done through the IFTTT website or app. To set it up through the website,

  1. Visit the IFTTT website and sign up for an IFTTT account.
  2. Once you've created an account, visit the iSmartAlarm channel: https://ifttt.com/ismartalarm
  3. Click on an Applet you're interested in, then click Connect to authorize iSmartAlarm to connect to IFTTT. 
  4. Enter the same iSmartAlarm phone number and password you use to log into the app, click Log In, then click Allow.
  5. Select the appropriate options in the Trigger and Actions, then click Add.
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