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Unable to install the CubeOne

Refer to the following error messages that may occur during installation.

CubeOne Not Found

During setup, the app will search for the CubeOne. If the CubeOne cannot be found, follow the directions below:

  • Make sure your phone and the CubeOne are connected to the same network.
  • Make sure the CubeOne is properly connected to the wall via AC power adapter and to the router using the provided Ethernet cable.
  • Make sure the LED on top of the CubeOne is breathing white. If the color of the LED on top of the CubeOne is red, refer to the article “Red LED on top of the CubeOne”

CubeOne Not Available

This error occurs after selecting the CubeOne that was found. This error occurs when the CubeOne has already been registered to another user.  This typically happens when the system was purchased used and original owner did not remove it from their account.  Please contact us directly if you receive this message and provide us with the following information:

  • CubeOne ID - this can be found on the bottom of the cube and starts with 00-4D…
  • Color of the LED on top of the CubeOne - is it breathing white, red or is the CubeOne unplugged?
  • Phone number you’re using to register the system
  • Where you purchased your system from
  • A copy of your purchase receipt


If you continue to encounter issues, please run the RouteThis network diagnostics tool from the App Store or Play Store. When prompted for a company code, type ALRM

After diagnostics is complete, contact us at customerservice@ismartalarm.com and provide
  1. a brief description of the issue you're experiencing
  2. your unique key from the app
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