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How does local video recording work?

There are two ways to record videos to a microSD card: Continuous Recording and Cloud Video Backup

Continuous Recording

You can tell your camera to continuously record video 24/7 to a microSD card. This allows you to keep a log of videos going, in case you need to go back and check what occurred at a particular point in time. These videos are accessed by removing the microSD card and plugging it into a computer.

The video is split into 1-minute clips.  Videos are categorized into folders for each hour; these folders are then categorized into folders for each day.

Cloud Video Backup

This option will save a copy of your cloud videos to a microSD card. It helps you keep all the cloud videos and not to worry that you may lose access to some cloud videos because they are deleted to make room for new cloud videos.  

To get started,

  1. Expand Spot’s base and insert a microSD card into the slot underneath Spot.
  2. Launch the iSmartAlarm app and go to Cameras
  3. Select your camera, then tap Settings -> Video Recording -> SD Card Storage
  4. Enable Continuous Recording and/or Cloud Video Backup

* Local video recording is only supported by Spot, iCamera KEEP Pro, and Spot+. 

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