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How does the Smoke Alarm and CO alarm sound recognition work?

Camera models with this feature: Spot, Spot +, iCamera KEEP Pro

Our sound recognition algorithm accurately identifies the sound of your smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.  You’ll immediately receive a push notification and a video clip of the event. To turn on sound recognition,

  1. In Cameras, select the camera you want to enable sound recognition for.
  2. Tap Settings -> Camera Notifications
  3. Adjust the Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm toggles located below Sound Recognition.

House Smoke Alarms: Temporal-Three (T3) alarm signal, which produces 3 long beeps followed by a pause.

Carbon monoxide alarms:  Temporal (T4) alarm signal, which produces 4 long beeps followed by a pause.

Co/Smoke alarms for homes have followed this standard set by the American National Standards Institute and National Fire Protection Association since 1996. The majority of alarms installed prior to 1996 produced a steady continuous sound.

The Smart Sound Recognition feature for your camera  is used to generate push notifications, and record a 10 second video clip, which you can take a look at under your stored videos section.  During such event, it's always important to check your stored video section for your camera, and verify that it is in fact an actual smoke/co alarm going off. There are chances of false alerts due to other background noise that may have similar sound frequencies, and patterns. 

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