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Why am I having trouble viewing live video?

If the video stutters or skips, or if your app is frequently stuck on the step Connecting to camera (1/4), this may be attributed to issues related to your home's Wi-Fi signal or internet connection quality.

  • Move the camera to within 15 feet of the router.  Make sure there are minimal obstructions in the line of sight between the camera and router that may interfere and reduce the Wi-Fi signal strength.

If the issue still persists,

  • Make sure your home network meets our recommended internet bandwidth speeds. For each camera, the recommended speed is 1 Mb/s upload. You can check your internet speed here: http://www.speedtest.net/
  • Reconnect the camera back to your Wi-Fi network:
    1. Move the camera to within 15 feet of the router
    2. Enter your camera’s live video page
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Reset Wi-Fi
    5. Follow the remaining instructions in the app to finish the setup


If you continue to encounter issues, please run the RouteThis network diagnostics tool from the App Store or Play Store. When prompted for a company code, type ALRM

After diagnostics is complete, contact us at customerservice@ismartalarm.com and provide
  1. a brief description of the issue you're experiencing
  2. your unique key from the app
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