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Unable to install the Satellite Siren

  1. Make your CubeOne's LED is breathing white
  2. Make sure the CubeOne's on the latest firmware. The CubeOne firmware needs to be version 1.7.2 or higher. To update your CubeOne's firmware, go to Devices > pull the page down > tap Check for Updates

Once you've made sure the conditions above have been met,

  1. Remove the batteries from the Satellite Siren battery compartment and unplug the power cord from the Satellite Siren.
  2. With the batteries removed, plug in the Satellite Siren's power.
  3. Make sure the Satellite Siren is within 10 ft of the CubeOne.
  4. Launch the iSmartAlarm app
  5. Tap Devices > + > Sensors and Devices
  6. Once it is successfully added, re-insert the batteries.
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