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How does the camera record video?

The first scenario that a camera will record videos is when it detects motion or sound. You can enable or disable motion and sound detection in each mode, except for Disarm.

To enable or disable motion and sound detection

1. Go to the Control page and tap Edit at the upper right corner. If you only have cameras, then you'll only see the Arm and Disarm modes, as shown below on the right.

IMG_1080.PNG  IMG_0206.PNG

2. Tap the mode you want to edit (E.g. ARM)


3. Tap the camera you want to modify 


4. Change the motion and sound detection settings according to your needs


Next time when you set your HOME to this mode, your camera will turn on motion and sound detection according to your settings.

If your camera's motion detection is turn off in a mode and your CubeOne's siren is triggered, your camera will automatically turn on its motion detection and record videos when it detects motion. Never miss a critical moment!



A second scenario that a camera will record videos is when it hears the sound of your smoke alarm or CO alarm. You can turn on smoke alarm and CO alarm recognition in Camera Notifications.


*This feature is only available on the Spot and iCamera KEEP Pro.

Recorded videos are automatically saved in the cloud. We provide a total of 30 free video recordings. When the 30 free video recordings limit is exceeded, the earliest video is removed to allow for the latest video to come in.

To view the recorded videos,

  1. Go to Cameras
  2. Above your camera's video, tap the blue arrow


*This feature is not available on the iCamera (1st Gen)


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