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Are iSmartAlarm devices from North America compatible with iSmartAlarm devices from Europe?

Devices purchased in North America are not compatible with devices purchased in Europe. Devices sold in Europe operate on frequency 868 MHz, while devices from the North America operate on frequency 908 MHz. 

This means a Satellite Siren purchased in North America cannot be added to a CubeOne purchased in Europe, and vice-versa.

To determine which region your devices are from, please see the model numbers for each device below.

Note: iCamera KEEP and Spots can work with devices from any region since it directly connects to your router via Wi-Fi. The only difference between the two products are the included power adapters compatible for that region.

  North America Europe
CubeOne iPU3 iPU3G
Remote Tag RC3 RC3G
Contact Sensor DWS3 DWS3G
Motion Sensor PIR3 PIR3G
Smart Switch SP3 Not Available
Satellite Siren AS3 Not Available
iCamera KEEP iSC3 iSC3
Spot iSC5 Not available
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