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Red LED on top of the CubeOne

A red LED on top of the CubeOne indicates it is offline. 

To narrow down the issue, check if the CubeOne is receiving an IP address from the router. To do so, you can either:

  • Download an app called Fing, run it and check if the CubeOne appears. The MAC address will appear in the following format: 00:4D:32:XX:XX:XX
  • Log into your router's settings and check whether the CubeOne is listed as a connected device.

If it is not being assigned an IP address, chances are it’s a hardware-related issue.

  • Ensure the connection between the ports and the network cable are snug and clicked in.
  • Try another network cable
  • Plug the CubeOne into a different port on the router.
  • If the above fails, then the CubeOne may be defective.

If it does have an IP address, then:

  • There may be router settings preventing the CubeOne from accessing the internet. Ensure external ports UDP 12888 and TCP 8443 are not blocked for the CubeOne.
  • Internet access on your home network may be down. On your phone or home computer connected to the same network, go to ismartalarm.com, or www.google.com. If you’re unable to access these sites, please check that your internet connection is working. 


If you continue to encounter issues, please run the RouteThis network diagnostics tool from the App Store or Play Store. When prompted for a company code, type ALRM

After diagnostics is complete, contact us at customerservice@ismartalarm.com and provide
  1. a brief description of the issue you're experiencing
  2. your unique key from the app


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