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Why doesn’t the alarm trigger when a sensor is tripped?

Check that the sensor is enabled in that Mode

Go to the Control page > tap Edit > tap the Mode that isn't triggering the sensor. Ensure the sensor is enabled and set to Trigger the Siren.


Check the Siren Trigger Delay

When a sensor is tripped, the system will enter a period of time before the alarm triggers. By default, the Siren Trigger Delay is set to 1 minute. This delay can be adjusted or turned off in that specific mode.


Check the Status of the Sensor

Launch the app, and go to More > Devices to verify the sensor is added and working properly.

If the sensor isn't listed, add the sensor.

  1. Remove and re-insert the battery in the sensor. Ensure the sensor's LED flashes once on insertion. If not, replace the battery.
  2. In Devices, tap AddCubeOne and Accessories

If the sensor's status shows Low Battery or Disconnected, replace the battery.


Check the Status of the CubeOne

Ensure the CubeOne is online. To do so, make sure the LED on the CubeOne is breathing white, or go to Devices in the app to check the status of the CubeOne. 

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