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How do I change the alarm settings for my CubeOne?

You can customize various alarm settings for your CubeOne by logging into the app, and going to More >

Alarm Settings.

Here, you have options to change the following:

Audible Countdown

When the Alarm Arming Delay or Alarm Disarming Delay is enabled, the CubeOne will beep continuously until the delay period is over.

Siren Volume


Adjust the volume of the alarm's siren.

Door Chime

The CubeOne will emit a brief tone notifying you when a contact sensor has been opened when disarmed. 


In addition, you also edit Mode-specific alarm settings in the Modes. To edit the Mode, go to the Control Page > tap Edit > tap the mode you want to edit.

Arming Delay

The Alarm Alarm Arming Delay gives you a period of time to leave your home before your system is armed.  The system will beep slowly, then quickly for the last 10 seconds.

Siren Trigger Delay

When arriving home, set the time to disarm the system before the alarm triggers.
When the system is tripped the CubeOne will start beeping.



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